Sunday, June 24, 2018

My ISTE 2018 Sessions and Resources

We are hoping that everyone attending ISTE has a chance to share their voice using our Flipgrid Share Your Why Grid at least once during the conference. There are a variety of topics and we'd love to see this become a great place for educators to share ideas and make global connections.

Flipgrid - Share You Why! 
(Password ShareYourWhy)

The wait is finally over and ISTE 2018 is here! I am excited to be sharing and learning with so many incredible educators. Today I want to quickly share my sessions resources, notes, and schedule.
If you are looking for some ISTE Tips and Resources, here are a few posts I've shared during the last couple of weeks connected to ISTE.

If you are at ISTE, I hope you can stop and say hello. If you are #NotAtISTE, I hope there is something above that you can use. 

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