Sunday, June 17, 2018

ISTE 2018 Collection of Tips and Tricks

I have shared a few posts connected to ISTE 2018 over the last several weeks, including ISTE 2018 Tips and Tricks, The Awesome Session Facilitators at #ISTE18, and The ISTE Experience - Exploring The Expo & Connecting with Exhibitors
Now the really good stuff is here for me to share and for you to explore. I hope there is something here for everyone. ISTE is an incredible is sometimes overwhelming conference and appreciate all that everyone is sharing to help make it a great experience. 

I've scoured the social media and the world wide web to bring you some of the best tips and tricks I've found connected to this year's ISTE Conference in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights of my exploration. 

If you are not following the incredible educators connected to these posts, you should be! 
Here are some of the highlights of my exploration. I am sure I have missed some great posts, ideas, and resources, so please leave me a comment below or send a message on the twitter and I will update this post on the fly with new resources.

Thank you, ISTE (@iste) for sharing some great posts and tips connected to the conference.

Thank you, Holly Clark (@HollyClarkEdu) for sharing her top 10 tips for ISTE 2018.

Thank you, Penny Christensen (@Pen63) for sharing a post listing some incredible educators who should be part of everyone's ISTE experience. She also has a great post about not sucking at ISTE!

Thank you, Hapara (@hapara_team) and Kelli Lane (@kelliupgraded) for these great tips for beginners and ISTE veterans.

Thank you, Common Sense Education (@CommonSenseED) for sharing some great tips for anyone attending a huge educational conference.

Thank you Pear Deck (@PearDeck) for sharing a diverse set of session recommendations. I think some of the best conference experiences I've had were connected to a wide range of different sessions and presenters.

Thank you, Henry Blatten (@Henry_Platten) for sharing one of the most creative posts I've seen this year. Henry has put together an ISTE Bingo card challenge to see who he can get a selfie with this year.

Thank you, Otus (@Otus) and Eric Patnoudes (@NoApp4Pedagogy) for sharing 10 great tips to help everyone make the most out of ISTE.

Thank you, Edublogs (@edublogs) and Kathleen Morris (@kathleen_morris) for sharing some great tips and resources for everyone who can't be at ISTE this year. This is also a great resource if you are attending.

Thank you, Patricia J. Brown (@msEdtechie) for sharing a great list of Do's and Don'ts for educators attend this year.

Thank you, Book Creator (@BookCreatorApp) and Dan Kemp (@KoinoniaWeb) for sharing some incredible session recommendations.

Thank you, Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1) for putting together another great set of resources for ISTE. You will be missed this year. I hope your wife is recovering well.

Last, but not least thank you to the whole ICE Conference Team (@ice_il) and Amber Heffner (@amber_heffner) for organizing the conference and sharing a list of incredible Illinois educators presenting at ISTE this year!

Thank you, Jenny Magiera (@MsMagiera) for sharing some of your favorite restaurants in Chicago.

Thank you, eSchool News (@eschoolnews) and Laura Ascione (@ESN_LAURA) for some great last minute tips for the conference. 

Thank you, Katherine Goyette (@kat_goyette) for sharing some great ideas about finding your why before, during, and after the conference.

I love it when a PLN comes together, thanks everyone who has shared so many great tips and ideas. High fives all around this year if we connect at ISTE.

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