Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday Tip of the Week - Outline View in Google Docs

Many people insert a table of contents when working with larger Google Docs. This can a great way to provide viewers with an overview of the document and help them get to where they need to be, but there are a few drawbacks.
  • The table of contents sometimes eats up too much valuable space on the first page of the document.
  • The table of contents is only visible on the first page and the creator either needs to create a link to return to the table of contents in the document or the viewer needs to scroll back to the first page to access the table again.
For these two reasons, I prefer the document outline feature. The outline opens in the space on the side of the document and remains open as you scroll through the resources. The document outline can be accessed in the view menu and like a table of contents, it is connected to headings created in the document. 
  • You can learn the in and outs of the document here
  • Google also has an excellent help video embedded in Docs. 
  • If you curious about Document Outlines, I would recommend opening one of your existing documents or creating a new Doc to explore document outlines. I also have two samples you can view but not edit below. 

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