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I have always believed that it doesn't matter what device you have, what matters is how you use it. When we talk about learning, good pedagogy comes before good technology, but it is still nice to know how the technology works if you are ever going to use a tool to enhance teaching and learning.

Chromebooks have become a favorite1 to 1 device in many schools. G Suite and Chromebooks have also grown in popularity in the real worldChromebooks and G Suite are incredibly easy to use, but if you are more familiar with the Windows or Apple OS, then you might need a bit of help to get started. 

There are already quite a few great Chromebook help resources that can be found on the device or on the web. Google also recently opened the Chromebook Simulator Site to help new and experienced users make the most of their Chromebooks. The site consists of a menu of animated interactive tutorials that walk users through various Chrome OS features and tasks. Click on the image below to check it out. 

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