The Best Chromebooks for 2020

New's Flash - Students and Educators Love Chromebooks!

Maybe not a news flash for most of us, but I still meet people who don't quite understand the value of a Chromebook. I bought my first Chromebook about 10 years ago because I was curious about the potential of the device to support teaching and learning.  I quickly realized that I could do 90 percent of what I do on the device. Today, I don't miss my Windows Laptop or MacBook Pro at all. 

Why Chromebooks?
  • When Chromebooks are compared to similar PC and Mac options, they are very affordable.
  • Chromebooks boot up in seconds.
  • Chromebooks update quickly.
  • Chromebooks rarely crash or freeze up.
  • Touchscreen Chromebooks include access to an incredible suite of Android Apps.
  • Google Drive has evolved into a very powerful productivity suite that includes powerful word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and drawing tools.
Which Chromebooks are the best?
This is a tough question, because I don't think you can go wrong with any Chromebook. That being said, the more you spend the better the device. Here are a few of my current favorites. I am writing this post using a Pixelbook Go. I love my Pixelbook, but I do feel there are better values when looking at Chromebooks. 


Big Screen

Best Full Flip

Budget Friendly

I will also continue to update this page as I have a chance to explore and recommend new Chromebooks.

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