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I think one of the greatest digital learning challenges for teachers, parents, and students is knowing what, when, and where. One of the easiest ways to help everyone stay on the same page is using a digital agenda. There are many different organizational tools that can help with this, but I think one of the best ways to support parents and students is by using Google Slides to create a digital agenda that can be shared with students and parents.

These are a few reasons why I really like Google Slides, including: 
  • Each slide can represent a new day.
  • Ability to rearrange and duplicate slides.
  • Easy to insert images, videos, and hyperlinks.
  • Post digitally, display on a projector, or display in Zoom / Google Meet
I use Google Classroom for day to day assignments and announcements for students, but I also post a new agenda for each unit in Google Classroom. I also post this agenda on my class site that both parents and students can view. Here is a sample from this past year. 
Insider tip: I always post the newest day first, so when students or parents view the deck they always see the most current information first. 

Last year I kept my agendas pretty simple, but there are quite a few options for teachers to create their own agendas from some awesome templates. Slides Mania recently released an awesome daily agenda template that is free for everyone.

I have some additional templates for remote and distance learning in this folder

One last piece of advice, keep it simple. Too much clutter can distract students from the essentials. 

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Do you have a favorite template or other organizational resource? Consider sharing in the comments below. 

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