Google Earth - Where in the World Activity

Google Earth and Google Earth Voyager has become one of our top resources to explore our amazing planet. Today I wanted to share an activity that could be used as a brain break or connected to something students are exploring in any classroom.

We are studying maps in my class, but this Where in the World Virtual Field Trip is really designed as more of a brain break to get students exploring. I also hope to inspire them to be curious about our world, 

  1. The activity starts with a quick exploration of maps. This could also start with video or even a site for younger students. National Geographic has some great map resources for students of all ages. 
  2. Students are then given a list of longitude and latitude coordinates and a link to Google Earth.
  3. Copy and pasting the coordinates in the Google Earth search will "fly" the student to the location. Sometimes the location is fairly obvious and at other times the students may need to zoom in and out or use Pegman to explore street view or a 360 image to figure out where they are. Did you know that Pegman can be dropped on any blue dot or blue line to bring students into a 3D view of the location? 
  4. After exploring and making observations the students are encouraged to find and explore two locations that they are curious about that were not already explored. 
  5. There are also some great "Explore more" resources included in this document. If the structure of this activity doesn't work for you, I would highly recommend checking out some of the Google Earth Voyager Activities like "Carmen Sandiego". 

Where in the World Activity (Google Doc)

Feel free to make a copy and use this activity as is or modify to meet the needs of you students. Be curious! 

If you have any additional ideas or questions, please post in the comments below. #HappyLearning 

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