QuestionWell - Reading Assessments With AI Generated Objectives and Questions

Spring is a great time to learn & explore something new! April 12th, 2023

If you’ve followed my blog over the last several years, you might remember that I occasionally create challenges for myself to explore, learn, and share what I discover. Last December, I challenged myself to explore 24 Days of Teaching and Learning Resources.

My challenge for April is to explore something new each day and share what I discover. Hopefully, I won't let you or myself down! (April Challenge Update Doc)

Today I am exploring the Control Alt Achieve EdTech Links of the Week document and I discovered a new AI resource I will use with my students this week, QuestionWell.

I believe AI Generators will become powerful tools to help all teachers plan and students learn. I am still learning about AI and I am excited to continue my exploration. I've recently explored and used Curipod, Scribble Diffusion, and TinyWow with my students. This week I will be incorporating QuestionWell into one of our class activities.

QuestionWell is an AI generator that creates objectives, essential questions, and exportable multiple-choice questions based on text inputted by an educator. The multiple-choice questions can be exported and used in a variety of assessment tools. 

The Quizizz questions in part 3 of this activity were made using the questions created by the AI after I inputted the text from a reading about climate and weather. 

Activity: What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

Here is the process I followed. 

I could have copied and pasted text from an existing article, but instead, I decided to double down on my AI use. I asked ChatGPT to create an article of under 1000 words explaining the difference between Weather and Climate. QuestionWell has a maximum of 1000 "Tokens" (words). You can explore the article ChatGPT wrote in part 2 of the activity linked above. 

I copied the AI-generated text into QuestionWell. There is space to add "Learning Objectives" and modify the language, but I decided to let the AI write the objectives. There are 6 different language options, including English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Russian. 

When prompted, the AI then generates a list of multiple questions, along with essential questions and learning objectives.

Here are the AI-generated "Essential Questions".
The Ai also generates "Learning Objectives" 
Individual questions can be manually copied but I think the really awesome superpower of QuestionWell is the ability to export these into online assessment tools. 
Supported assessment tools included are Quizizz, Kahoot, Canvas, Gimkit, and Blooket. The questions can also be exported to Microsoft Word. There is even a collection of export help resources! 
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Visit the blog tomorrow for something new or follow along in this document.

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