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April 1st, 2023

If you’ve followed my blog over the last several years, you might remember that I occasionally create challenges for myself to explore, learn, and share what I discover. Last December, I challenged myself to explore 24 Days of Teaching and Learning Resources

I've spent some time during our Spring Break reflecting on the school year and thinking about what's next and this led to a new challenge. I am feeling inspired to plan and create 30 new posts in 30 days during the month of April. Each day I will explore new teaching and learning resources and share what I discover each day. Hopefully, I won't let myself down!

Today is April 1st, so I guess it is time to get started. Today, I wanted to share a fun drawing tool I discovered on the Control Alt Achieve Blog.

I've always believed that creating is an important part of learning. For quite a few years one of my favorite drawing tools has been Autodraw by Google.

Today I discovered a similar drawing resource that I will add to my student's toolbox as we create and reflect on our learning experiences. I don't think this will completely replace Autodraw, but I think it will be a fun addition for my students and I. 

Scribble Diffusion is a free digital sketching tool with a bonus AI image generator. It's really simple to use.

1. Start by drawing a sketch of something connected to something you and your students are learning.

2. Add a caption to help the AI recognize the doodle and click Go.

3. The AI will take the sketch and the caption and turn them into a "refined" image.

4. The link can be shared or a screenshot can be taken and downloaded. 

I am not the best at sketching with my mouse, but here is my first attempt to create something connected to my classroom. The sketch and AI generation took just under 3 minutes. 

Here are a few more sketches from Eric's Blog

I am looking forward to using this with my students as part of a future learning experience. If you have questions or ideas about using Scribble Diffusion, please consider sharing in the comments below.

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Visit the blog tomorrow for something new, or follow along in this document.

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